Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Knitting Patterns Plus Crafting News and Gossip

Free Knitting Patterns from Around the Web:

By Sally
FREE EASTER BUNNY KNITTING PATTERN. This pattern is for a knitted, 20" jointed bunny, with a delightful pouch into which you can pop small chocolate Easter eggs. This is a slightly larger than normal easter project, but could also ...

Celtic Bag Pattern, Free on Ravelry « Knitting
By Terrye
I'm thinking laptop bag if made just a bit bigger, or knitting bag, or just a classy tote bag. Any way you look at it, it's a really nice pattern, just in time for the March holiday! Cables and eyelet lattice make a statement no matter ...

A Tribble A Day…. « Knitting
By admin
It's a bird, it's a frog, it's a Tribble! Made from leftover bits and pieces of dishcloth yarn, they're handy as pot scrubbers and bath scrubbies. And, the pattern is free.... here: http://1870pearl.typepad.com/TRIBBLE2. ...

Free Mini Easter Basket Pattern is Soooo Cute…. « Knitting
By Terrye
This cute knitting pattern is fast and easy and holds one special Easter egg! It doesn't get any easier than this! Knit every row for the stockinette variety, or do the garter stitch thing for more texture! From Knitting On The Net ...

Latest News and Gossip

SE Idaho sewing program to help thrifty
Fort Mills Times - Fort Mill,SC,USA
... but also teach skills to those who never learned to sew. The class will also teach students how to create their own clothes by following a sewing pattern.

Fashionology Brings Tween Do-It-Yourself Clothing Design Online
MediaPost Publications - New York,USA
But after the task proved as difficult to a 7-year-old as it did for a 70-year-old, the idea of sewing morphed into decorating. It made the experience more ...

Students use knitting skills to help Afghan children
ASU Web Devil - Tempe,AZ,USA
The group will be knitting items for children in need in Afghanistan. (Erik Hilburn/The State Press) A new club that will knit items for Afghan children in ...

Sewing making a comeback
Exmouth Journal - UK
And now people - who just a few years ago wouldn't have thought twice about buying a new outfit - are turning back to sewing says Sara Radford. ...

Zilla Vikash Sangam donated sewing machine to hapless women
Orissadiary.com - Bhubaneswar,Orissa,India
But now Rajkumari has some hope of earning some money as she was donated a sewing machine by Zilla Vikash Sangam. 100 such poor and hapless women were ...

Arlington native's 'Switch Craft' projects marry fashion, technology
Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
But a lot of the challenge was just marrying the two subjects together — the technology and the sewing and craft. I want to help the next generation learn ...

Fashionably 'Seussical'
Statesman Journal - Salem,OR,USA
Or that this whirl of color started months ago with about $1000 worth of fabric and enough feathers to fill a sewing room. Head costumer/designer Lorraine ...

Interview with Marti Michell - part 2
Examiner.com - USA
Marti said that she quilts because she loves the sewing, fabric, geometry, and the business of it too. She would love to have a six-month sabbatical where ...

Relative scarcity makes columnist's photographs of needleworkers ...
Bangor Daily News - Bangor,ME,USA
Where are the photos of my great-grandmothers Herrick fashioning silk and velvet crazy quilts or sewing baby clothes? Where are the photos of my grandfather ...

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Access Fashion: It Girl Knits by Phonex Bess
By Jillian
She has a knitting pattern line and has published designs in magazines such as Knit Simple, Knitscene, and Creative Knitting. She also sells her knitted pieces online through her online store, and in boutiques. I like how Bess designs ...

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