Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life-Saving Breast Cancer Discovery Made After Knitting Needle Pierces Woman's Heart
"Klor knew from watching the medical drama 'ER' that she could bleed to death if she pulled the needle out herself... Ten days later, Klor received a phone call from the hospital — one of the X-ray technicians discovered an enlarged lymph node..."

How to make a unisex belt - UK
Men needn't be left out of the craft scene. Perri Lewis has devised a great project that can be made and worn by either gender: a personalised belt!...

Clothing Repair: Reverse Applique for Sleeves and Pants Legs ...
By Julie Finn
T-shirt or jersey-knit pants with small stains or holes; Cotton or flannel fabric in a desired color or pattern for the appliqué (you can use more jersey fabric for a very small appliqué, but the added stiffness of quilting cotton or ...

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